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Thread: fglrx bug?

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    Default fglrx bug?

    sleep 1; xset dpms force off ; sleep 10; xset dpms force on

    was wonder if this works for anyone else that uses fglrx. It works fine on my machines that have ati open source drivers. But, with fglrx it does not turn the screen back on. Not to worry even if it doesn't work a key press will wake up the screen. Just trying to get more info before i report this. I can't revert to ati drivers on the fglrx machines or I would test this myself.

    expected behavior:
    turn off screen , wait 10 secs , turn back on

    fglrx behavior;
    turn off screen , wait 10 secs , then goes into standby"i think"

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    Same thing happens here. I need the key press to wake up the monitor.

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