View Poll Results: When will we see game graphics like in the links below?

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  • Huh? We already have thatů See my example link below!

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  • Within one year.

    6 54.55%
  • Within two years.

    2 18.18%
  • Within four years.

    2 18.18%
  • Within eight years.

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  • Never ever

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Thread: Linux game graphics poll

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    Default Linux game graphics poll

    When will we see game graphics like the one in the links below running natively in Linux?

    First series of 32 images:,7...&show=original

    Second series of 17 images:,7...&show=original

    Hopeful poll here...

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    few of those look like in-game shots so much and high poly scenes. Devs will take a gazillion polygon model and use it to make a lower poly model + <insert (x)map here>. The curves on the nanosuit are far too perfect to be worthy of todays hardware which indicates to me that these are not game shots.

    Sorry to burst the bubble

    I said 4 years, but its very hard to gauge. It also depends on someone porting a game like this to linux.

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    It appears your second link mostly contains renders, not in-game screenshots. But the first one seems to contain real screenshots.
    IMHO they don't look all that hot.
    I'd expect ID's Rage to look better, and that's supposed to come this year, possibly with a linux-client. So I vote within one year.

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    There is Primal Carnage, that is still in dev and they use Unigine, i think that they will have better graphics quality when they release the game later this year maybe next year. So within a year is my opinion.

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