I didnt understand a single thing that above post says. I think they are using these "copyright" assignment and transfer talk and not mentioning that they cannot use GPL code and just cheerfully close it and turn it propietary. It really saddens me to see people like Paul ‘Echon’ Jackson, the guy who made the quake engine port EGL, Forest ‘LordHavoc’ Hale, Dark Places guy, and Chris Holden, on board with this dubious Illfonic people.

Illfonic is already pulling their strings they have with Lord Havoc to close threads about this on Alien Trap's own forum as shown here: www.alientrap.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6043. And art assets too, I dont think they got the all clear from every contributor of every art asset made for nexuiz that they are going to include in this console release.

They mention too that they got a "DarkPlaces license". Can Lord Havoc do that at all? Isnt DarkPlaces a derived port of the GPL'ed quake 1 engine?