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Thread: Live CD with Chrom(e|ium) Browser

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    Cool Live CD with Chrom(e|ium) Browser

    While waiting for a ready-to-download Beta of Chrom(e|ium) OS, I was wondering if there's an existing Linux or BSD LiveCD that comes with the speedy Chrom(e|ium) browser already installed. I undestand that I can roll out my own by downloading the .deb or .rpm and running any of a number of LiveCD scripts, however I'm a bit lazy and am looking for a ready-to-burn solution.

    All of the browser-centric distros I've come across (e.g. WebConverger, XPud) seem to Firefox as the main or only option (with Opera as an infrequent alternative).

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    there is a version of knoppix with chrome.

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    Hm, checked the link. It looks like a special magazine cover disc release. From the article:
    Knoppix 6.3 will be included in the '2010/4' German issue of Linux Magazine and in the English version of Linux Pro Magazine.

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