Well yes, I'm a kind of KDE fanboy. Not for so long now, since 2005, using 3.5.x series.
I was very exited when KDE4 project came to life, to see this project beeing able to "rethink" itself for new and modern desktop experience.

Many articles were written at that period, describing the new aspects and technologies of KDE4.
Now KDE SC 4.4 is here, all these "pillars" have matured and proven that the whole project is on the right track.
There is one aspect that was discussed at that time that is not present anymore : KDE4 memory usage versus its predecessor. Maybe nobody cares...

I remember an article back in 2007 saying that KDE4 was using 40% less memory than KDE3. One would expect that, given what KDE4 promises, it would require better hardware to supprot it (I'll not talk about MS softs nor OSes here). And 40% is a lot, maybe too "marketing".

I just wonder now, if it is "really true". I feel that since KDE SC 4.4, it may be time to perform that benchmark, like we can have for Linux kernels. I have a familly life but not the time, hardware and skills to do that. But I would like to see that result, maybe some other KDE guys would be interested too.
Those 40% in themselves don't mean anything. It requires a methodological approach to compare memory footprints between two desktop environments.

I like Phoronix benchs and I hope it can be done, using several kinds of hardware, with or without visual effects, wih or without optional deamons (like Strigi indexation for instance), etc.

That is my request for you Phoronix guys, if you see some interest in that ...