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I forgot to mention, I saw a link to that webpage on the gentoo forums two months ago and read it in detail. While I found it to be hilarious, it is only a parody of things and not a perfect reflection of reality. If I recall correctly, the jokes on that webpage revolve around "-O4 -fultimate-optimization -fopt-a -fopt-b -fopt-c..." and many other pointless, redundant or non-existant optimizations such as those.
Many of the quotes are there because they display Gentoo triumphalism founded on extremely shaky ground. Stuff like "binary packages are almost useless"; "no RPM-based distro can do that [offer different compile-time options]"; "when it comes to dependencies [on Debian], you probably are still going to have to get them all on your own" (though that last one seems likely to be trolling).

Setting your system CFLAGS is less than 0.1% of the stuff you will do to get a working system and while it is important that your system CFLAGS are configured correctly, Gentoo attempts not to maximize performance of your system, but to maximize the customizability of your system. Experiencing higher performance is often a side effect of that, where the choice of CFLAGS being one of the customization options you have when using Gentoo.
That is why I think it's meaningless to "benchmark Gentoo": my Gentoo is not your Gentoo is not Michael's Gentoo. In principle we could all agree on a configuration to test, but nobody would actually use it, so who cares how it benchmarks?