Just as a FYI to anybody out there considering one of the new motherboards out there with Lucid's Hydra chipset. Don't bother if you running linux. Lucid has no plans to support linux. When I inquired about their future plans about Hydra I got this back as a response.

Thank you.
No plans on Linux gaming just yet.
For HPC, multi display and storage space over Linux, we have nice
solution distributed by www.ELSA-jp.jp
Look for their Vridge product....

Good luck,

Oddly enough he still pumps out Elsa Vridge expansion setup which offers 4 PCI-e 8x slots (PCIe version 1.1 at that) which seems to be a huge waste of money when you have Crossfire / SLi boards that already can handle that for HPC purposes at a much cheaper cost and higher speced 4 PCIe 8x PCIe 2.0 slots.