Well it is hard to compare the X4 945 because there is no quad in that price segment from the new iX series. But when you use X4 965 to compare is only 20 € less than i5-750. The cheaper Athlon X4 are busted in most bechmarks even with the dual core i3-530. You may certainly always find a cpu between others that has got no good match - try to compares those which have got one. The dual core i5 are no real good invest as the turbo mode would only work when 1 core is idle which would not be that often the case. Only if you really want the new AES functions you need those 32nm cpus which are not in the older quads nor in the i3. A good comparision in in the current ct 7/10. But for 100 € what do you find better than i3-530?