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Thread: OpenShot 1.1 Video Editor Released

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    Default OpenShot 1.1 Video Editor Released

    Phoronix: OpenShot 1.1 Video Editor Released

    OpenShot and PiTiVi have been capturing a lot of interest lately among those Linux users wishing for a reliable non-linear video editing application that is open-source and comparable in terms of features to those multi-media applications on other platforms. Yesterday the OpenShot crew announced their release of OpenShot 1.1, which moves this free software project one step forward. OpenShot 1.1 offers faster rendering, undo / redo support, an improved export process, dynamic tiling, new video effects, new shortcuts, better localizations, time-line scrolling, H.264 support, and numerous other improvements along with its share of bug-fixes. The release announcement for the OpenShot 1.1 video editor can be read at

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    Latest Kdenlive is already pretty awesome editor and it's quite stable these days :P

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    Die trolls, die!


    Two years ago I had to cut a video I made - I found no editor that was stable enough and the ones that were stable had an insane GUI (cinelerra, blender).

    Why not do a comparison of non-linear video editors for linux?

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    No offense, but PiTivi only has timeline editing that consists of inserting/removing a clip.
    I've been following the project for awhile and the progress is very slow. To be fair, it seems as though the problems are: 1. developer time, 2. Gstreamer. The later seems to be getting fixed as they come across problems, but it's slow. That being said, I like the idea of Gstreamer, but it is damned difficult to work with, IMHO.

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