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Your judgement on me is so far off its simply unreal. If you cant figure out one person on the internet, then what makes you think you can figure out an enire group of people. Let me just tell you one thing, If I ever seen you beating up an old lady I would beat your ass. I would beat you down to a bloody pulp. And not just you, but anybody I seen beating up an old lady.

Since your judgement on me is so far off I'll tell you who I actually am, and it's probably going to piss you the fuck off..... White. Straight. Male. Conservative. Republican. God fearing. Cristian. Marksman. American.

I bet every single last one of those traits really gets under your skin.
Boy oh boy, is this the calibre of contributors here ? A "Christian" who cannot even spell the word. A raving racist nutjob who thinks they are above the law. A violent, dangerous fanatic.

So are the rest of the Fedora Fan Club also going to beat people to a bloody pulp ? Are they too gun-toting "marksmen" ? Should non-white linux users be fearful ? What about Democrats, or Heaven Forfend, Non-Americans ?

I call on the board admins to ban duby229 in perpetuity. Failure to act on this will result in this forum being shut down. You can COUNT ON IT.