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or no, dear sir, i'm not going to continue this discussion or to provide anymore "proof" unless you will start to backing up any of your words with some.
Fine. What do you want me to back up? It must be a claim. But then if I do I also expect you to do the same.

interesting that you suggest to ditch Google with its own browser and extension while its advertisement policy it pretty fair deal.
Na-na-na-na-no wait... You said Google makes money with ads. I showed you that they host an extention for their own browser that blocks these. I wasn't convincing you to holy join the 'Google movement' by using their browser. That's a difference.

unlike seamless integration with almost every site i visit where NoScript is the only savior.
WebGL isn't hindering you from viewing a website that you must in order to do something.
You can choose what websites you like and sites like Phoronix, the New York Times and Slashdot won't ever integrate 3D, ever.
I realy don't see the problem. By your reasoning your Intel IGP is powerful enough too, right? So what is holding you back?