The building is Prypiat Theathe, dont ask me how did I get there, it was difficult (climbing from bottom to roof etc.)

I was approx 6 hours in exclusion zone.

Comming back for sure, wanna spend much more time in prypiat, other places are more or less boring, but Prypiat is hit of my life.
Just send papers for permission, looking for bike rent and next plan is to stay there from evening till morning, I believe those approx 10 hours will completely change my view of fear and selfconfidence.

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How long ago did you go to the exclusion zone? What did you do for a guide?

Where abouts in Pripyat is this hallway/building?

This is in the one main "community" building (its Soviet name escapes my mind at the moment) with the auditorium and behind it was the political posters and such... How did you get up this high though in the auditorium backroom?