I was testing both my ION/Atom 330 system and the AMD780G/4850e system for playing the avatar video clip (avatar-tlrf_h1080p.mov) and while both systems played the video just fine, the were still a big difference in the cpu load on mandriva 2010.0. (2.6.32 based kernel)

While "mplayer -vo vdpay avatar-tlrf_h1080p.mov" caused the cpu load of around 10% in ION system. the "mplayer avatar-tlrf_h1080p.mov" required about the 80% load from the cpu.

Shouldn't the UVD available in the HD3200, be able to offer a similar kind of help for the cpu load than what's vdpau does for the nvidia.
If so, should I try the mplayer/xine/totem with some launch options to gain the good playback with small cpu load.

If needed, I can also try to build and load the newer kernel/player/backend library compination by myself, but the problem is that with the amount of possible different compinations of players and backends are so huge, that I have dropepd from the map what's going on on ATI linux driver support for UDV/UDV2.