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As I said earlier, ignoring that guy would probably solve the issue. Additionally, the thread could have simply been closed
It wasn't about any technical thing but just a quite rude demand of a(n) (upset) person.

This is an unfortunate issue that this all went kind of out of control.
IMHO banning should really be the very very last possibility to act against somebody.
OK, I don't know what he said in those PMs and of course I believe everybody that this is really annoying.

I would suggest to lift this ban now. I think everybody had enough time to calm down about this thread.
I agree with 'mcgreg.'

Also, I agree that the main problem would be if he was spamming the ATI/AMD posters here with 'demands.' To me, that is more of a problem than his thread. What he wants is people participating even if it's just to make 'noise.' Even if he has the best intentions in pressuring faster development of the driver, his method is silly. Call me crazy but no one is going to 'shame' someone into doing anything. It seems like it was just an 'attention tactic,' nothing else.

The problem in the thread exacerbated when people tried to argue with him and got sucked in. If they let it go or just stuck to the main arguments and ignored the rhetoric and insults, then it might have been halfway productive.

Just my two cents...