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    Default NVAGP vs. AGPGART

    Hi there.

    I've been experimenting a bit with the kernel's agpgart to see if there are any performance improvements in using that instead of nvagp on my FX5600 system. glxgears seems to be reporting a slightly higher framerate, but games such as Enemy Territory clearly perform significantly worse. This is contrary to what I've read through Google searches. I'm using the latest 8762 driver with SBA and AGP Fast-Writes enabled. Any ideas/suggestions/experiences?

    EDIT: seems my config was wrong. I'd assumed setting nvagp to 0 in xorg.conf would disable nvagp and use the kernel alternative instead. Turns out that this will cause it not to use AGP at all (?) and thereby the performance loss. Setting it to 2 explicitly makes it pick agpgart, while 3 implies one or the other, depending on which is available.
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