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At the graphics side I would also choose AMD/ATI. Again I still like the company :-) and they really put effort and money to the open source support.
Now to the driver support: I'm quite satisfied with the driver (fglrx) support. This driver used to be really bad (2006), but it is actually now in a good state and works fine and is damn fast for all the OpenGL stuff I use it (there is no drawback compared to the Nvidia Quadro in my working PC).
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Just curious, why does your intention of doing some OpenCL work force you to NVidia ? The Catalyst drivers support OpenCL on Windows and Linux (see Stream SDK) today.

It's only OpenCL on the open source driver stack where you'll probably need to wait for a while...
Hi guys, I don't want an OpenCL OS driver, but just a working OpenGL/OpenCL driver.
And yes, my plans will be to play maybe at HoN and/or SC2 when it comes out with wine.
Has anyone have ever had a good experience with wine and AMD/ATi?

Btw the Phenom config could allow me to save approx 200 GBP on top of all :-P