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Thread: A big(ger) dilemma...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugginz View Post
    It would be interesting to hear what the cause of the problem is when (if) it's solved.
    Actually after a reboot (haven't done this for a while :-)) everything worked again and I wasn't able to reproduce the kernel panic. Unfortunately I'm not able to trace this problem back, but yeah I anyhow prefer to work rather than hunting bugs. :-)

    Of course Paraview still doesn't work yet. I mean, I didn't change anything in the configuration, so no surprise.

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    Cool I'm convinced for Phenom II 4 cores, 8~12 GB RAM and 57xx.
    Hopefully will support things in right direction (drivers and open source effort!).

    Any more comments?
    Anyone using wine in the last months with an AMD videocard?


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