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Yeah. Sometimes people weigh the evidence and then come to an opinion, but usually it happens the other way around - just human nature. I'd be lying if I claimed I wasn't defaultly pro-nuclear as a child of people who work in the nuclear industry and a (partial) physics graduate.

It's often difficult to tell who is doing which but some behaviours give the game away:
To draw an analogy, if I were worried about the amount of rubbish going to the landfill I might campaign against the packaging used by soft drink manufacturers, but the absolute last thing I would ever do is try to get the recycling centres shut down - I'd see can recycling centres as a win and a sign my concerns were being taken seriously. The only reason I'd want to shut down the can recycling plant is if I just wanted to hurt the industry.
Similar with nuclear waste - If greenpeace and the like were really concerned about nuclear waste, the absolute last thing they'd be doing is trying to get the waste reprocessing plants shutdown (even illegalised as in the US). That would not be congruous with the stated goal, and the only reason for it would be to hurt the industry by making its waste and economic profiles worse so that they could complain about them some more. And yet who is the number one campaigner for the closure of our fuel reprocessing facilities? Greenpeace. Hmm.
I guess the problem here is more to make people aware of the problem. Of course closing would be wrong right now but in the long run it's not a solution so making people aware of that is a good thing. Since lobbyists are governing it is necessary to have "extreme" counter-forces in the other direction. The truth is in the middle but without extreme counter-force this middle can not be achieved in the long run.