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Its just a numbers game, unfortunately, the numbers don't stack up when the consumer desktop profit per desktop is $0. You can thank the spaceman with the bottomless cash pit for that one. Before Ubuntu you could at least maybe get $1 profit ;-)

I like the bit about the spaceman.

But ya, essentially my plan to desktop Linux profitable is essentially to decentralize its maintence. It is much easier and productive to maintain a certain subset of code, then to maintain everything.

The semi-rolling release system was born out of neccessity. I needed to make a distribution that could keep up with the times in terms of video codecs and Bittorrent clients, while maintaining a stable core OS that was usable and safe for my users. Additionally, I needed a way for me to maintain the thing on my own without spending countless hours rebuilding packages.

I guess the best things in life simply come from pure need.