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lets face it fglrx 3d stack is very far from been optimal to begin with
Let's face it, fglrx stack is 10 times larger project than OSS graphics driver stack if not more (and probably larger than kernel), is better in pretty much every aspect (not counting the little regressions which make users so angry), and has tons and tons of great features Gallium will slowly be picking up throughout the following years. I mean if they made it open source, there would no longer be a need to develop drivers in Mesa anymore, those little fglrx regressions and other deficiencies would get fixed by the community, and open source graphics would jump from GL2.1 and no OpenCL to GL4.0 and working OpenCL with an advanced shader compiler and optimizer, memory manager, and whatnot. And Mesa/Gallium would slowly die because no one would care about it anymore.... that's how I see it.