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Why bother bridgman ? I know you are trying to be nice here, but the guy has no clue what he's talking about .... he's comparing DX11 to OpenGL4 on cards that are capable of neither (hint ... HD4850x2).

Also I do not think his Quadfire setup has any benefits over a single HD4850x2 since the CPU will be most likely not able to feed the cards properly. Yet he's expeting the holy grail and more ...
well at first i fixed it and i say later opengl 3.2/3.3 cuz i tested in directx 10.1 which my cards support(i missed the ultra short edit time, so it stayed as dx11 but is dx10.1). beside OpenGL is an incremental API opengl3.x only miss support for certain hardware specific acceleration like tessalation wich is only present in dx11 capable hardware but unigine just run fine with dx9 and 10 and OpenGL 3.x just without tessalation and other features in this hardware, but in any way opengl4 is incompatible or anything with opengl3.3. so testing with a non dx11 capable is not an issue since you still have to use most of the Opengl implementation wich is common to both api version, so that could give you an idea of the general performance of the gl implementation in the driver.

about the quafire im aware it doesnt scale well, not at least in low resolution but my main purpose of this quadfire is to have something powerful to play with opencl calculation, so is not like im specting 500fps in COD mw2 or anything like that, is just when i tested the driver i was lazy to open my case and remove the second card. either way having the second card shoudlnt kill the performance but i agree that is not an impossible either. no for now my linux is too bleeding edge for fglrx so i have to make a clean install, and for that ill wait for my new disk cuz well im lazy to downgrade my distro. now if someone else have a dual boot system you could do some test with both oses and check if you performance is close or not cuz well i dont drop the possibility that fglrx just dont like X2 cards and this is just an specific case