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Thread: FC6 buildpkg problem

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    I have an ATI Xpress 200 card. I installed the ATI drivers from the livna repository using yumex. After installing these drivers i was able to change the resolution on my screen from an annoying 800X600. I also have the ATI Control Panel.
    But when I ran glxgears or fgl_glxgears i was getting some error messages. So i disabled the composite option in the extensions section of the xorg.conf. Now the glxgears and fgl_glxgears are working fine.
    But if I disable composite, I won't be able to run compiz. Can someone give me a solution to my problem??
    Trying to get Xgl to work now....Let u know the results

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    Default Compiz looks and feels great

    I installed the XGL server last night and have got the desktop effects that i was looking for. Now i proudly show all my friends (who think windows is the best) what linux has achieved.
    Thank you for everyone on this forum and many others who make life easier for linux newbies like me.

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