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Why are they keeping the Chromium patches to themselves for a year? Would that not render them useless when they are finally open sourced because the Chromium project is moving so quickly and waste the Chrmoium project's developer resources because of the duplicated effort?
I'm the guy behind that subscription model for Chromium on FreeBSD: please try reading the actual report, rather than responding to a brief summary. The patches are continually made available to Chromium devs and the report even links to a useful subscriber-funded fix that was already pushed back upstream and committed. Duplicated effort? You think they would support BSD at all if not for the work us BSD enthusiasts have put in? As for why the patches are kept closed, that should be clear: it's to raise money for development. I tried donations before and all of 4 people donated. If open source had to rely only on donations of time and money, it wouldn't run a toaster, let alone all the things it does today.