What's going on? What's the update? I had the impression you could use R700 cards with either FOSS or fglrx driver but does that only apply to certain situations or combinations? In other words, depends on distro, Catalyst and the related versions? I'm confused.

I read these threads:


There's problems (again)?!?

That is pretty bad. Can anyone explain the problem(s)? Hmmm....I don't buy that AMD/ATI is dedicated at providing Linux support and devoting much to this support. I read that the support is late and they're catching up. So, if you are building a house and you throw a brick in the mud, you can say you're starting support? Then you throw a few more bricks, some two-by-fours and some tools into the mud and claim you have increasing support and made great progress?!?

I'm looking at getting an ATI card but I need to know two things:
1) how to switch between drivers, fglrx and FOSS - sorry, I forget how. Is there a how-to of steps? It sounds like this must be done quite often as you have to test the drivers with a trial and error to see if there's improvement.

2) "Official Support" - Ubuntu is one of the distros with official support. Are the issues/problems attributable to the newer Catalyst version and the progression in the kernel? If that is part of it, is there other variables? What is the estimated time frame for 'fixing' or solving these bugs and issues? Doesn't ATI/AMD have a timeline that they are trying to achieve? Aren't goals set? I'm just curious. I don't read of any estimations but it might help if I know I can count on something in a month from now, six months from now and so on.

One more question is about patches. How do you know which patches to use and for what? I don't know if these end up on AMD's ATI site or not. I guess I would just post or ask here for locations of patches and for instructions to install if I have trouble. If no one minds. I hope not.

I'm considering the HD 4850 and HD 4770 for an all-purpose, cheap card but especially for movies/video (DivX, HD) and streaming video (youtube, video seminars etc.) and stuff like Google Earth. I also would like to use other video and 3D stuff but if it gets bad, I'll boot up Windoze to accomplish tasks until I figure out a solution in Linux.

The other thing to consider is a Nvidia card, 240 GT or GTS 250 but I really want to go with ATI if they can deliver some needed improvements.

I'm waiting a bit longer to see if HD 5xxx series of cards obtains better support (no FOSS driver support yet?) but I might not be able to budget for one anyway....