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What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Let me rephrase your sentence:

"Using [...] Java to create Linux programs that have nothing to do with Solaris compatibility, that's something I don't agree with. That's ripping off Sun"

What the hell? I enjoy writing Linux applications. I also enjoy using C#. For this reason I enjoy writing C# Linux applications (that have nothing to do with Windows compatibility).

You are saying this is bad... for what reason, exactly?
IMHO if people want to use C#+Mono then they will and that's fine - what business is it of anyone else what people code in?

However I still think that the FSF's concerns are genuine and I will steer clear of any project which depends on mono (this is another thing which makes GNOME less attractive to me).

I've been using Qt in my projects anyway, and find nothing in mono worth switching for.