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Thread: Benchmarks for Battery Life

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    Default Benchmarks for Battery Life

    Hi all. I have access to many laptops and may start using the Phoronix Test Suite to benchmark distros in the near future. I'm looking for a good test for benchmarking battery life. Is there such a tool in the Test Suite? If not, are there any plans to develop battery benchmarks?

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    At this point you can already apply battery monitoring to any test by running, for example:

    MONITOR=battery.power phoronix-test-suite benchmark x264

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    I'm thinking that running a system idle test would be the most accurate for comparing across operating systems (i.e. comparing Windows / OS X / Linux). Is there a way to run battery monitoring while the laptop just idles? Will the runtime be recorded in the log file?

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    MONITOR=battery.power phoronix-test-suite benchmark idle

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    Thanks Michael. One more question, is there a benchmark you would recommend that can be duplicated on different operating systems for a more accurate estimate of real-world usage?

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    Maybe "warsow compress-7zip ffmpeg openssl" for load on the multiple platforms -- at least for Linux / BSD / OS X. Still bringing up the Windows profiles.

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