I am looking at getting a 5870 eyefinity 6 edition card. The drivers in ubuntu lucid (10.04) say they support eyefinity.

From what I can see these (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...A3V6BK4D0HKA8F) mini-displayport to vga adapters should work.

What I want to do is setup a 4x1 eyefinity setup of 1920x1200 monitors for a total of 7680x1200. That is supposed to be a supported resolution option.

Will this work without xinerama or anything like that? Will stuff like composite work? Right now I have dual 8800 GTS nvidia cards with xinerama and it is pretty slow mostly because of lack of composite. When I tried it with xgl long ago it was very very fast but crashed a lot. Eyefinity is supposed to solve this problem.

I don't really care if compiz actually works although that would be nice. I mostly want to not use xinerama anymore as a primary feature and allow kde to work across all 4 monitors as one desktop. My secondary feature would for it to be much faster then the current xinerama setup which is not hard to beat. I would love if it supported composite correctly so that desktop effects could be enabled in kde since that also makes it run a heck of a lot faster when I tested that using just two monitors.