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Hmm.... Mac OS X is a BSD. It just has a custom GUI slapped on it (Aqua GUI with Cocoa frameworks instead of GNOME with GTK or KDE Plasma with Qt).
Last time I checked Mac OS X exceeded Linux' desktop market share by far.
What a bull some people are writing here. OS X is not bsd - it just took some bsd parts, it's far more usable on desktops and user friendly, but it's nothing special and it's only marketing product which is greatly advertised. Bsd's and Linux aren't advertised, so this affects popularity, but Linux has much greater market share then *bsd.


Many software libraries, like zlib compression or the TCP/IP stack, are written once as open source and integrated widely, particularly when they are BSD-licensed.
And so? Libraries aren't whole operating systems or applications! Linux many other GPL products are more popular then many bsd licensed systems and applications.

Start with a codebase that is open source, under a permissive license such as the bsd license or the cddl.
To let company steal "my" work?

Btw. why something like this appeared at Phoronix? Some bloggers thoughts?