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    I have a Video card that has OpenGL 2.0 on it. Can I still use OpenGL 2.1 or do I have to wait till cards start coming out with OpenGL 2.1 on it? Or is it all software based like how the Nvidia drivers come with OpenGL 2.0.2?

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    NVIDIA's next driver (1.0-9XXX) will have OpenGL 2.1 support (as well as GLSL 1.2 support).

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    But you'd still need an OpenGL 2.1 card. Just like DirectX, you can't play a DirectX 9 game on a DirectX 8 card, IIRC. At least, not with the specific v.9 stuff, you'd have to fall back on an older DirectX version if it was coded in the game.

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    Looks like I'll be upgrading my video card soon then. I shall wait for the new Nvidia 8XXX series for OpenGL 2.1.

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