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It seems that you didn't do your homework, but anyways, for you and others that keep saying "Don't hack steam!!!!"

1) I never uploaded any binary, only a binary patch which is 192 bytes.
2) I didn't really hack it because its not like i bypassed security checks. From my view, i only fixed 2 bugs that made the program quit early, one is a bug that prevented the libraries from loading because of unresolved references and the second is some other function always failing for no apparent reason.
3) It seems Valve doesn't care:
* They didn't care about people playing and trying to hack the Mac OS closed beta client.
* They didn't care when people uploaded or obtained cracked steam for windows (if you remember those days).
* The client is still up, reachable and downloadable by everyone.

Why did i do it? I had enough rumors of steam linux client coming, not coming, etc. I wanted to see an evidence for myself that those files are indeed a possible client, so i worked on trying to get it to display a native X11 steam window. Nothing further, after i got that, i have no reason to continue because i saw what i wanted to see.
Some people suggested that i should send my findings to Valve to make them aware of those most likely bugs.

Anyways if anyone has any problem about what i did, i'm in #phoronix in freenode.


to be honest i thought you pushed up a steam binary..Uploading
a binary patch surely doesn't violate any valve license agreements.

That was my fault.
Sorry for that.

And , btw, that you really got it showing an X11 window is great.
It's great that it really doesn't look like a server package only.

Btw, was there really so much "getting it to run" for the mac
version also ?