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I have no arguments so I post a crappy comic, eh? and I thought Phoronix posters are above that.

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Ask ubisoft if they stop their servers. How people will play splinter cell conviction or newer games?
They will stop after few years. Yet most of people won't game damn since Conviction is a really poor game, not even a Splinter Cell. Those who really like it will forget it few years later, since current generation of gamers are just want more and more games.
Steam doesn't impose any drm
Requirement of third party software to download and play game is not DRM anymore?

If you buy the box of the game, most probably, will need to stay connected the same way if you purchase the game on steam.
Earth 2160 retail version works In SP without requiring internet connection, unless you want to play MP. Steam version works otherwise.

As many people said before, Valve games just need a one-time activation, and you can activate them everywhere you want as many times as you want, then you can happily play offline as many times you want.
And you can do the same thing with retail versions of game, without need of installing a third party software like Steam, which also creates additional problems. Search a bit and you find a loads of topics how people have problem with backup games or playing in offline mode.