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Check the Ubuntu forums. Search '5770'. Tons of posts about problems. Not being able to boot because of blank or black screens. Needing runarounds, workarounds or scripts to just use your computer. This is a distro that ATI claims support. I guess 9.10 works with 1.7 but Ubuntu has gone to the next stable release, Lucid, 10.04, and X.org has moved on, too? But, hordes of problems/issues. I guess the workarounds are working for some (booting to safe or low graphics mode and installing the fglrx driver but still...).
Yeh, I was hoping for solid support in 10.04 with 10.4 but it seems not to be the case. I've postponed the gfx card for another two months or so in the hope of things improving and have instead bought an SSD. When the next fglrx lands if support isn't solid by then that'll mean nVidia for sure.