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Thread: Open-Source GStreamer VA-API Plug-In Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbeauche View Post
    OK, thanks. This should be fixed in the newly uploaded 0.2.4-pre2.
    Yep. I can confirm that. Thanks.

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    I installed the gstreamer plugin 0.2.5 with vdpau-video 0.7.3 and nvidia driver 260.19.36.

    I am getting very good results with different video formats except dvds. Dvd playback is not accelerated and shaky/flickering. This only happens with dvd playback.

    Other than that resizing the totem window could be problematic sometimes. From time to time, the image would freeze on totem, without totem continues to play the file and the audio is fine only the image is frozen. You can fix it by manually seeking the video..

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