I've recently stumbled across this review:


which used the Tyan Tempest i5400XT motherboard.

The part that I'm confused about is that on Cooler Master's site it says that a dual processor system board cannot be used due to the standoffs of the CPU's not having any holes to be screwed into??

Basically this:


Is Cosmos S RC1100 compatible to some new Intel Xeon Quad Core processors like the LGA 771 Hapertown Quad Core. These processors require special stand-off on the case to support their heat sinks.My motherboard is a Tyan S5396A2NRF for dual LGA 771 Xeon pr


No, it's not support the 2 CPU because our COSMOS S has no CPU stand off hole on it.
So can the chassis take dual CPU based system boards or not?

The main reason I'm asking this, is that I would like to build a server for home and since I do a lot of UNIX/Linux devel work in my spare time I run multiple virtual machines so I need a dual processor setup to be able to handle the load; plus in addition the system will be used as a mainframe for myself too being a DNS, NTP, NFS, TFTP, and radio server with additional services being added on as time goes by.

That really leads me to the main question of what parts are suitable as I've never built a server from scratch before as usually I'm dealing with either ready made ones or Sun Microsystems SPARC systems.

I will probably be running FreeBSD 8.0 x64 on the system with Citrix Xen as hypervisor or alternatly OpenSolaris 'Stable' with Sun's xVM technology.

In terms of system board I thought about going for the Intel 5xxx line which support dual processors of socket type LGA1366 and dual Xeons and then using a CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 1000 as per the review.

Again I'm not that knowledgable on server hardware from scratch so if there is a better setup could someone advice me on how to go and what components they would recommend??

I am not sure if Xeons need special fans or if they can use the LED fans and water cooling kits made for more mainstream consumer products?

The hard disks; I'm set on the Western Digital RE4's with 2TB capacity as they're high storage (since I really need the space) and also enterprise grade too meaning ultra reliable! I plan to max the chassis out meaning either 16 or 24TB; however many 4 in 3 cradles will fit??

Even though I haven't even started on this yet but am also considering a similar spec backup machine using the XClio 1000 chassis with max 24TB storage. I can create a shell script for this making incremental backups of the mainframe system using dedicated 1Gbps NICs over a Cicso 8 port high through-put Gbps switch. (Reason for Cisco is that I can manage it, it has IOS and being a Cisco Engineer too is a pleasure to work with; also the fact that I can use VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) with my Cisco 877W router).

I know this is a bit of a delv into high-end data center stuff but if anyone has any advice or help that they can give me I'd be very grateful!! :-)

Many thanks