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Why is it that Phoronix seems to be on a crusade on this topic? Every time it is mentioned, they do everything to say that it is coming. We had no real evidence that Valve intended to release software for Linux until today, yet we have a plethora of links in the article about it that basically say "we covered it first!". Until today's announcement, the only evidence that existed showed that Valve's developers were developing Stream on Linux, but none of it could definitely show that Valve intended to release Stream for Linux. While this is certainly exciting, it does not seem to merit the crusade mentality that Phoronix seems to have.
See Phoronix on ATi a couple of years back. They were going to take over the world with their open source graphics drivers and run nVidia out of business. They were BEYOND AWESOME!

. . . fast forward to now and ATi still lags quite a ways behind nVidia in the linux drivers usability department.

Phoronix is sort of a tabloid for linux enthusiasts. I have to give Michael props this time though, it seems he was actually right about Steam.