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I think the real difference would be in having to support a Linux version. It would likely be a lot more work supporting Linux compared to OSX due to the large variation in Linux setups, in contrast to OSX where even all the hardware is the same.
I'm going to be blunt.

Done right, there's NOT the variance people keep bandying about on the subject. The rub's in doing it "right" just like knowing there's a right and a wrong way to going about producing production installs under Windows and MacOS- and if you're unfamiliar with it, it'd seem like an impossibility (I'm sorry, there's as much variances in the forms of device driver issues, coupled with Windows versions (Let's see... XP, Vista, Windows 7...) as there are realistic variances within Linux- and you don't get that one as an out... ) when, in fact, it's not.