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I think the reason there is not a coming binary but PR practice. There had been such anti-Linux behaviors in forums at other publishers too. In the recent times though a bunch of "explosions" happened when people got enraged enough about their Linux talk (which most of the time included Wine) got trashed that they produced quite an uproar. Angry customers is not something to have especially with people getting more pissed due to increasingly aggressive DRM and other so-called anti-piracy stuff which hits only legit customers. Enraging people enough can make them no more buy your stuff and that's something a good business man tries to avoid. I chalk this let-it-happen attitude therefore more to the fact that valve doesn't want to piss off people more than they already did with their various "faux-pas" in the recent history (HL3 delay drama, LfD2 drama to name a few of the obvious ones). So I think you read something into this PR stunt which doesn't exist.
I'm going to graciously assume that Valve is smart enough to realize that the uproar from stringing people along this long without an official statement and then saying that they have no plans for a Linux client would be PR suicide.