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I don't read or quote unthoughtful crap like that. Please read my posts before jolting out a crap like that. You wanted to know why somebody would want to pull the plug in such a situation or how he could loose money and one solution is piracy concern. Fact is as soon as the binary had been discovered Linux people had been all over it and "binary modified it". This is (in game security view) the first step on piracy of your product. Steam is a money-bag for Valve. If they allow this platform to be compromised from release time on they endanger their revenue stream. Would you put your game on steam if every Linux guy can pirate it for free? You might say now "who cares about the Linux guys, they have Windows copies to sell!". Unfortunately this is not true. Let's say you can get the Windows or Linux copy of the same game through steam. Let's assume the Linux version is cracked. Would people buy the Windows version if they can get the cracked Linux version for free? As you can see a compromised Linux steam client due to binary hacking is serious danger. This is nothing a good business suit takes lightly, especially not a successful one.

Hopefully you read this time before writing half-asses crap like that. The Games-World doesn't turn they way many here think it does.
#1. If people want your game for free they will get your game for free. Torrenting a copy of any game ever created is an extremely simple process so there would be no point in playing with the steam binary, but none of that really matters because...
#2. Cracking the steam binary open wouldn't help piracy at all. Having control of the client wouldn't suddenly let you download all of their games for free because each and every game needs to have a transaction tied to an account. Your account is stored in their servers so controlling the client would be pointless. However this argument doesn't matter because...
#3. You are a f***ing retard. You will defend your point to the death because you cannot comprehend that you could ever be wrong about a subject you clearly only have tertiary knowledge of at best.
The short version is that your argument sucks and you're a tosser.