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Thread: It's Official: Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine For Linux!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
    Now, if only you could convince them of that. This one has origins from the beginnings of the home computer era.
    Take your micro-payment strategy and blow it out your ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nukem View Post
    While in class today I asked a number of friends who have Macs if they tried Steam for Mac yet. Everyone of them who said they have Steam said they can't launch Portal(currently the only ported game) due to problems with Steam. My current theory as why Valve has announced or released anything Linux related is because they can't handle the additional Mac users, they need to wait for the server load to die down.
    Strange, Portal on my Mac (well, not mine, but that does not matter ) works well I got it for free, you know, anniversary

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    Hi, doubters. How is the doubt now with the Steam Linux client out in open beta?

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    it wasn't about stating it wouldn't come to linux (at least for me, go read all my past posts on this), it was how it was handled by phoronix, really really badly.

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