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Thread: ATI 4330 + PPA drivers

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    Default ATI 4330 + PPA drivers

    I'm running Ubuntu 10.04LTS when i try to load the drivers in xorg.conf it fails and the only bad sign I see in the log is:

    (II) RADEONHD(0): Card not in database: 0x9552:0x1002:0x9552; using generic modesetting.
    If - and only if - your card does not work or does not work optimally
    please contact to help rectify this.
    Use the subject: 0x9552:0x1002:0x9552: <name of board>
    and *please* describe the problems you are seeing
    in your message.
    One thing I noticed is if I try to login using VNC I have a bunch of wavy lines going up and down and I can see the cursor. I tried adding:
    Modes "1400x900" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"

    but that did not help

    I'm using the following config:

    Here is my log file:

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    You should really be using the 'radeon' driver, not the 'radeonhd' drivers.


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