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Thread: With Ubuntu 10.10 It May Be Easier To Run Wayland

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    Putting remote access into Wayland (unless you're talking about something like VNC) would basically mean reimplementing X. The whole idea of Wayland was to cut back to the core set of features that everyone used, do those things really well, and build other features on top (eg running X over Wayland) as needed.

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    Ok... But X11 already competes with things like Citrix Presentation Server, which allows application windows to be exported, and integrated with in the local display...

    What about ssh-ing into a box, and exporting your X server so the programs can appear in your local display ( host:0 ), or if you so choose an Xephyr window instead ( host:1) People use that

    We could still use X along Wayland, but if more apps where to be ported to Wayland, we won't be able to work with those apps. X can only handle X11 apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unimatrix View Post
    X11 has all kinds of flaws, not to mention how bloated it is. It absolutely MUST get a replacement.
    Yet no-one has managed to replace it in the last 20 years. Something tells me that MUST isn't as important as you think it is.

    And anything which doesn't allow remote display of GUI apps or requires you to use a hideous kludge like VNC would be a huge step backwards. Integrated remote access to any GUI application is one of the biggest benefits of running Unix rather than Windows.

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    Yes that's why most people are running Linux so they can remotely login to a more powerful computer that they buy to stash it somewhere that is not home.

    In the real world people run Linux mostly because they are fed up with paying, ilegal downloading, a fscked up architecture and the Windows workflow that is as smooth as rock, as fast as a turtle and as organised as the room of the average hetrosexual male teenager.

    In other words; the only reason people do not want to run Linux is the collection of MS Office file formats and videogames.

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