Attn: radeon devs, if you're here... thanks for all your hard work.

There's an ongoing bug report on Launchpad, initially directed toward iwl3945, but it appears that the problem is actually with the radeon driver... wireless hangs/crashes during high GPU utilization (like video playback), but only occurs when kernel modesetting is turned on. With KMS off, the hardware runs normally. This seems to be some sort of regression, either in the kernel or in the driver.

Here's the bug report:

Please help... there are lots of folks out there with systems that are unusable unless they manually disable kernel modesetting. I'm one of the affected users, in my case on a Thinkpad T60 with X1400 and Intel wireless. There are also users reporting audio corruption under the same conditions as mentioned above, which disappears when KMS is disabled.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Best regards,
Jason Porter