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This is exactly what they did with the Darwin OS, which is worthless without the other EULA- and DRM-encumbered parts of OS X.

Apple is an expert at leaching off open source and not giving anything in return. I wouldn't be surprised if they intentionally make this "BSD-style license" incompatible with GPLv2 or v3. Phoronix, please stop advertising LLVM - it will only lead good GCC devs astray to toil on a project that will be useless to Linux and FOSS users in general.
Darwin OS is still usable and Apple has done nothing to change it otherwise. There is nothing stopping someone from taking Darwin slapping another UI on it.

As far as "Apple not giving back" that too is just plain false. They do give back even at times where they don't have too. Nobody forced them for example to opensource grand central. Nobody is forcing them to continue cups support for linux, nobody is forcing them to contribute and sponsor LLVM. Every change that Apple has made to a FOSS project to suite their purposes are freely available for anyone to pull in if they desire.