Here we go again. The watermark from ATI's corner of hell.

How many times does this issue have to come up before the relevant people at ATI pull their heads out of their behinds and remedy this once and for all?

One release it's there. Next one it isn't. Then it's back again. And so on and so on.

Other than aggravating people with cards based on genuine ATI technology what could possibly be the point of this nonsense? What does ATI gain by even attempting to display this? What could possibly be worth the ire generated in loyal customers?

Getting to my specifics, let's see what some pieces of software think about my video card and/or its drivers:

1. `lspci`
03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 6898
03:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Cypress HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 5800 Series]

2. `fglrxinfo`
display: :0.0 screen: 0
OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
OpenGL renderer string: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
OpenGL version string: 3.2.9756 Compatibility Profile Context

3. `/var/log/Xorg.0.log`
(--) fglrx(0): Chipset: "ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series" (Chipset = 0x6898)
(II) fglrx(0): VESA VBE OEM Vendor: (C) 1988-2005, ATI Technologies Inc.
(II) fglrx(0): VESA VBE OEM Product: CYPRESS

Hmmm. Looks like a duck. Walks like a duck. Swims like a duck. Quacks like a duck. ATI says it's a chicken.

No really, this stopped being funny a long time ago.

Bridgman you told another poster who reported this that you'd look into it and bring it to someone's attention. So what happened?

Unless someone has a 5870 specific fix that is known to work please don't repeat some of the previous supposed solutions. Most of them just crashed X at boot time.