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Sad to see of performance angry compiz is.

I really would like to see a test with kwin.
And a comparative test between gnome and kde for playing games.
The should also report the problems encounter in each platform.

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The most meaningful comparison between KDE vs Gnome (Kubuntu vs Ubuntu in this case) will be with sound enabled, because Ubuntu is using PulseAudio and this consumes some of the CPU power, so Kubuntu should be faster in games. Kwin should disable compositions, but it seems it's not always working.


So where does this 40-50% performance drop come from in Ubuntu? I'm guessing you can't blame Ubuntu.
Nice catch. So it looks not only compiz is slowing Ubuntu down in games. Btw. treating Ubuntu as a 'primary' Linux OS is starting to be a shame imho. Not only they released with serious issues (which still aren't fixed), but it has also slower graphic. Personally, I can't wait for Fedora 13 final release which is looking to be the best Fedora release ever - beta is rock stable and very fast (KDE version).


I know that KDE/Kubuntu users are a minority
In your dreams. ;>