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Thread: AMD 8.36.5 Display Driver

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    Default AMD 8.36.5 Display Driver

    Phoronix: AMD 8.36.5 Display Driver

    Last month the AMD Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition had entered the world with mixed opinions by the ATI/AMD Linux user community. In our 8.35.5 Linux driver review we had looked at the Linux version of the Catalyst Control Center quite extensively. This new control center replaced the old fireglcontrolpanel and in our opinion was a huge move for AMD. However, the negativity against the Catalyst Control Center has been by those seeking the much overdue AIGLX support. While today's 8.36.5 release doesn't contain AIGLX support, it does contain a few changes worth mentioning.

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    increased CPU utilization for video playback using GLESX compared to GSL
    pardon the stupid question but what is GSL and GLESX ?

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