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I too hope Luc joins the Via team and that he will cooperate with OpenChrome devs to create a unified driver. If there is progress, my next computer is probably going to be VIA, so I can try this driver out.
First would by now be: VIA, talk to my boss, and subsequently pay 3-4x the wage of direct employment! This as i am officially a consultant now (although the word consultant is rather good here, not some bodyleasing or anything nasty).

Second: cooperate with whom? Are there any developers doing anything real at openchrome? This is one of the root causes of me not being friends with them, and VIA not getting anywhere with them. There is no code there, mostly just noise.

Yes, this is a bastards answer, but given the history of the fork (and the fact that they tried to copy code from unichrome which they at first did not want to accept, and therefor forked), and the mess happening now, how else can i reply?