As I haven't provided an update recently, since ATI Technologies had bought out Macrosynergy, I haven't heard any information from my contacts at XGI Technology on their pending open-source status for their Volari Linux display drivers.

If you recall from the multiple Phoronix news items and articles, XGI Technology was planning on producing their GNU/Linux display drivers under the GPL and they would be completely open-source. The source would include both the 2D and 3D code. This all came after a bit of lobbying, and then the launch of the Volari 8300 PCI Express part last year.

I am still working on finding out if they have any intent left, or what their current status is, but so far no luck recently. Macrosynergy was an XGI alliance company.

If you're not familiar with this topic, below are two links explaining XGI's Linux driver situation.

XGI Targets OOS Drivers:
ATI Acquisition of Macrosynergy:

Looking at XGI's website, their latest Linux display drivers are version 1.04.13. These drivers were released on January 2nd, 2006. The README really isn't even well maintained, but changes in this release included initial support for the 2.6 kernel and some improvements in 3D functionality.