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Thread: problem with video playback

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    Unhappy problem with video playback

    hi guys I am using ubuntu 6.06 and I have installed ati's 8.29.6 drivers for my X1800XL card. everything works fine even the video acceleration. The only problem is that when I play a video(using totem-gstreamer) the colors are distorted. For example red becomes blue and yellow becomes white or something. Can you help me? I think the problem is the ati's drivers. If you want some screenshots I will provide them.

    thanks in advance.

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    I have encountered similar issues as well when using Totem. However, I haven't found it in the past to be ATI-specific. If you install mplayer, the colors should be fine. Does that work for you?

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    I think you are right. I installed xine and the colors are fine(and the video acceleration). I think that this "color problem" has something to do with gstreamer. An interesting thing is if you use the default-ubuntu video drivers the colors are fine with gstreamer(but not the video quality!!!).

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