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Thread: Multi-Touch Support For X.Org Evdev Driver

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    Default Multi-Touch Support For X.Org Evdev Driver

    Phoronix: Multi-Touch Support For X.Org Evdev Driver

    While there is multi-touch support in Qt and also Clutter along with MPX capabilities in GTK+ 3.0, the widely-used xf86-input-evdev driver up to this point has not supported multi-touch. Developers, however, have been working on the said support for evdev, which is the generic Linux input driver...

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    Ah, nice. Hopefully, we'll get a resolution between these competing approaches and get something in mainline soon. It would be nice to have a bone stock distro work with multitouch displays without having to resort to hacking. The kernel are pretty much there already (i.e. my netbook/tablet T91MT has multitouch kernel drivers starting with 2.6.34), but now still requires building a "hacked" evdev.

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